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Dec 07,  · An English literature degree can open a number of doors once you’ve graduated. Opportunities to delve deeper into your field with a postgraduate course are a good choice should you find a particular genre or style of literature that you are particularly passionate about. A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the most advanced degree available in English literature. These programs often require a comprehensive study of English literature and specialization in a topic. Indian English literature. Dalit Writings; English major. The English Major (alternatively "English concentration," "B.A. in English") is a term in the United States and a few other countries for an undergraduate university degree focused around reading, analyzing, and writing texts in the English language. The term may also be used to describe.

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Take heart, thou English majors; thou jugglers of words and smiths of prose. Thine education was not toiled in vain!

Majoring in English has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years. Sure, you can write and understand Shakespeare, but can you offer value to an employer? Does anyone in the market actually need someone with an English degree? Can reading and analyzing classic works actually result in food on the table and a paid light bill?

Yes it can! There are actually many English degree jobs from high-quality employers. These skills are not only useful to employers, they can be applied to a wide range of industries. With a BA in English, you will develop excellent written and oral communication skills, making you an important addition to many different companies.

Many courses will focus on reading and analyzing novels, but subject matter can also include short english literature degree, poetry, and even plays. You may, for example, be tasked with reading an important piece of literature and explaining, in clear writing, the overall theme and message of the work, english literature degree.

BA in English courses can include history of writing, rhetoric, critical thinking, mechanics in writing, and American or British literature. This not only includes proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, it means learning to write in a manner that is engaging and effective, english literature degree. Many different education paths will touch on writing, but in English, it becomes one of the main subjects, allowing you to hone your skills as a writer and communicator.

From business memos to song lyrics, understanding quality writing is the foundation of an English major. Being able to take in information and understand it, then, if needed, english literature degree, reframe this information so it can be understood by others, is a skill that many employers will appreciate. An English major will also train your mind to not just read, but read in an efficient manner, which will be important english literature degree you start one of the best jobs for English majors.

Being an English major will also teach you to meet deadlines with writing, communicate in a clear manner, and think critically about all information. While taking your classes, you may be required to select a minor while majoring in English. Choosing the right minor may depend on the types of jobs you will pursue after college, english literature degree, but common options include art history, general history, literature, psychology, humanities, linguistics, or a foreign language.

If you will be looking for a job in the business and finance world, a business degree or minor in economics would be a strong addition to your BA in English. With a BA english literature degree English, there is almost no industry that is off-limits, as all areas need good communication and analysis of information. The next three jobs, english literature degree, however, are lucrative options for entry-level English majors. Want to use your English degree before you graduate?

Want to make money on the side and see if it blossoms into a full-time career? You can join the ranks of millions of Americans who make a living through freelancing and find plenty of jobs for English majors with no experience.

As a freelance writer, you get the chance to choose your own hours, select your assignments, and work at your own pace, and you may be surprised by just how much money you can make. If english literature degree know how to write, there are many different resources for finding quality work. These English major jobs can include all types of information media, including television, radio, and newspapers. They typically provide information that informs the public on issues and events, and can be responsible for news ranging from local to national to global.

English literature degree they work in an office, newsroom, or studio, they often spend much of their time in the field gathering information. In most cases, the career trajectory starts in a small market and stair-steps upward to larger metro areas. These professionals work primarily in radio, delivering news, sports, and music to listeners.

They may, depending on the specifics of the job, interview guests or provide commentary on specific issues. Although speaking is a major part of this job, an English degree helps announcers write scripts that are clear, effective, and engaging. Unfortunately, the job market for announcers may be declining. In most cases, initial training to work sound or video equipment will be required.

If you are looking to make a lot of money with your English major, take an a English major english literature degree in advertising and work your way to advertising manager.

This career is certainly tough, requiring you to develop every aspect of advertising, from budgets to conceptions to execution. Add in hiring talent and negotiating prices, and you have a full career that will keep you plenty busy.

The career will require an extensive legal education, but majoring in English at the graduate level is an excellent start before law school.

Lawyers english literature degree to communicate effectively with people from many different background and many different levels of education. English literature degree you choose to apply your English degree to public relations, you may eventually earn a job as a PR or fundraising manager, one of the best jobs for English majors.

In this position, you will write press releases, determine how to reach the right audience, help clients communicate, english literature degree, and develop an organizations identity, among many other responsibilities, english literature degree.

There are many complex machines and technologies in our modern world. How are we supposed to figure it all out? With the help of technical writers, english literature degree just might stand a chance. These professionals determine the information needs of users and create documents that help people understand various types of technologies.

These documents can be used across a wide range of platforms, including online and paper resources. Technical writing is difficult, and this is reflected in the pay. This is probably the classic English major job. Fiction or nonfiction are just two of the different categories of english literature degree you can create as an author.

Few people have English major jobs that are as challenging and rewarding as the high school teacher. Preparing students for life after graduation, english literature degree, teachers provide lessons on many different subjects, which can include English and writing.

When you think of public relations, you might think of marketing and advertising. While that certainly applies, public relations specialists also need to communicate effectively, which often meant creating written content. English literature degree many cases, a PR specialist will write and edit articles that will help shape the public image of a company.

Even english literature degree the modern digital world, librarians are still needed. Librarians can help patrons with research, teach classes about information technologies, and organize library materials.

This job will have many different responsibilities beyond reviewing copy. An editor may review for spelling and grammar, english literature degree, but they can also rewrite text, verify facts, evaluate submissions, and assign articles to specific writers.

In many cases, they will act as a manager for a writing team. This job assists lawyers by researching facts, investigating laws, organizing documents, and especially for English majors writing reports english literature degree help trial preparations. In this job, you will convert information from one language to another. As an interpreter, you will work with the spoken language, while translators work with written language think transcripts. Now comes the fun part: convincing employers that majoring english literature degree English has made you an effective and useful addition to their team.

So how is this done? Start with the basics. The most important factor for English degrees is communication. Every employer in every industry needs quality communication, and if any job includes written documents of any type, you have the potential to be an important employee. English majors also have the ability to think critically and develop creative solutions to problems and issues affecting businesses, english literature degree.

Many employers love how English majors can deal with obscure, indirect concepts and create comprehensible solutions. Finally, the ability to read, review, and recycle information should not be overlooked. The legal profession, for example, english literature degree, will have lots of industry-specific terminology written by long-winded attorneys.

It takes someone with the training and skills of an English major to cut through the jargon and tell people english literature degree what they need to know, in relatable terms. This principle applies to many industries, including technology, medical, and financial sectors.

These skills, while conceptual and potentially obscure, are often a top selling point english literature degree anyone with an English degree. When you complete your English degree, you can dive straight into the best jobs for English majors, or you can continue your education. Even if you choose an English major job, you still have the option of going back to school at any time.

For many people majoring in English, the common choice is to attend graduate school. This can be an important step if you wish to teach English, literature, or writing at the high school or collegiate level, as you will gain a deeper understanding of the English language and how it applies to modern english literature degree of writing.

However, attending graduate school is not the only option. In fact, anyone with a BA in English should stay well-versed in writing techniques. You can join various writing groups, which can be attended online or in person. There are also certificate programs available for writers of all types, from novelists to technical writers. Certificates not only make you more attractive to employers, they also enhance your skills in a wide variety of areas. There are also many professional conferences that you can attend throughout your career.

These conferences are often designed for aspiring or active authors, but there are conventions that tailor to English majors who work in a professional business environment. You can have a top-quality online english degree degree at a price you can english literature degree. GetEducated meticulously calculates total tuition including any fees for each program in our directory. Click on any english degree in our database for more information including reviews from students like you, english literature degree.

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See Yourself Succeed with a BA in English Language & Literature. At SNHU, our online English degree curriculum is designed to help you craft stories, present ideas, think critically and creatively, and develop a broad knowledge of literary classics. Indian English literature. Dalit Writings; English major. The English Major (alternatively "English concentration," "B.A. in English") is a term in the United States and a few other countries for an undergraduate university degree focused around reading, analyzing, and writing texts in the English language. The term may also be used to describe. This degree is popular for recent graduates, as well as those with experience wanting to strengthen their practical knowledge with an academic foundation. A Master in English Literature is a graduate degree that typically studies written English language narratives in relation to their literary and cultural contexts.